Colorful Fashion 360-degree Rotating Cell Phone Stand Suitable for Various Occasions and All Types of Mobile Phones and Replace Cover Fasteners Decorative Accessories (Gift Phone Stand Base Included 80 Colors)

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Product Features:
Watching TV on your phone or tablet allows you to get comfortable on your back or stomach;
Products with strong adhesive, good adhesive, delicate hand feel more effective to protect your machine safety;
Products are applicable to a variety of products, as long as the plane, whether mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products, can also be used in the wall, etc., a variety of fun ways to use need to explore.

1. As the clasp is a little tight when just used, please fix the stand base buckle in a good position and then rotate or move it, otherwise it will cause the product to break;
2. Please confirm the position before paste, this product is not reusable, because of strong stickiness tear may leave adhesive marks or damage the product;
3. If you want to replace support, you can tear it off violently if there is no damage to the support products. Wipe the glue mark gently with paper towel, cloth, cotton and some alcohol to completely wipe it off.