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  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Can be personalized
  • Made to Order
  •   Personalized Mama Bear Bracelet in stainless steel. Personalize with initials of children and/or other family members including mama bear's initial. Enter initials in notes box during checkout.

    Select choice of design from menu.

    Mama Bear with Cubs Options: A stainless steel stamping of a mama bear with choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 cubs will be transformed into a mama bear bracelet with up to 12 initial charms in stainless steel finish and custom sized stainless steel bangle band.

    Mama Bear Phrase Option: You may also select a stainless steel stamping of the phrase "Mama Bear" to be transformed into a mama bear bangle bracelet with custom-sized stainless steel bangle band, and choice of initial charms in stainless steel finish


    Please enter size in notes during checkout. My standard sizes for "slip on bangles" are below. Keep in mind they slide on over the hand so aren't sized the same way as traditional bracelets using wrist size. These are designed for easy on & easy off without a clasp and cannot be made to open or adjust. If needed they can be resized. The following descriptions are meant to make it easy to choose a size if unable to measure hand circumference for a gift. Custom size measure tips are after sizes below.

    Petite Adult (7 inch circumference) - Extra slim adult hand
    X Small (7.5 inch circumference) - Slimmer than average adult hand
    Small (8 inch circumference) - Average adult hand - MOST COMMON SIZE
    Medium (8.5 inch circumference) - Medium adult hand
    Large (9 inch circumference) - Large or plus size adult hand
    X Large (9.5 inch circumference) - Extra large adult hand
    Custom - Specify a custom size

    ***Between any 2 sizes above***

    Between X Large and Large (9.25 inch circumference) - A tad wider than large adult hand
    Between Medium and Large (8.75 inch circumference) - A tad wider than medium adult hand
    Between Small and Medium (8.25 inch circumference) - A tad wider than average adult hand
    Between X Small and Small (7.75 inch circumference) - A tad slimmer than average adult hand
    Between Petite and X Small (7.25 inch circumference) - A tad slimmer than extra small adult hand

    Pick the size that seems like the closest match. If you want to play it safe, my advice is to select only .25 inch above the size you are considering.

    Use a flexible tape to measure the circumference of the widest part of hand when held narrow as if sliding on a bangle, with thumb tucked into palm across hand toward pinkie and holding fingers touching together side by side pointed straight out hand flat / knuckles flat in the back. The widest area of hand is usually the bottom of thumb area going around, or lower set of knuckles area going around. Measure tightly. If you don't have a flexible tape you may use a segment of string and then hold the string segment against a ruler.

    All of my bangles are without a clasp for easy on & easy off. And cannot be made to open. I'm always happy to resize any bangle if it doesn't fit well. But for international orders the shipping charges can be prohibitive. I don't charge for the actual resizing even if I have to use new metal. I only ask if re-shipping can be covered by the customer.

    This bracelet created and hand crafted with great care and love for you and yours. All of my items including this mama bear bracelet are special creations based on original Frosted Willow designs & concepts.

    A derivative of my name plate bangle bracelet; with Copyright © 2011 Katrin Lerman, Frosted Willow

    Copyright © 2018 Katrin Lerman, Frosted Willow.
    The artist reserves all reproduction right. No work may be reproduced in any manner, or derivative copy made whatsoever without express, written consent of the artist.